Welcome to my new site!

Posted by: on May 19, 2009

here is my new site and my 1st blog. yippy. look for the new record revenge of the slowpoke..

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  1. shari says:

    Love the new site Dave! Congrats on your upcoming release, all good things for you!
    Much love always, Shari

  2. Freddie Sullivan says:

    Diamond Dave,
    The new site looks fab! Saw you’re going to be playing on Post Ave. in Westbury. That’s my old stomping ground. Try Alfredos for some tasty pizza. Used to play Januarys (the dance club on Post Ave. as oppossed to Februarys the biker bar in Elmont) back in the 80s…used to walk down and get a slice or two between sets. Although it looks like you’re playing a real nice restaurant…so maybe they’re feeding you well. Anyway…glad to see you’re keepin’ the music fires burnin’…
    Freddie Sullivan

  3. Gypsy Bob says:

    The origin of BLOG…from the Latin Biga Loga meaning extraordinary sausage. Then in modern times it was translated into English as Big Log, a thinly veiled subliminal meaning for an endowed phallus. As society evolved so did BLOG…in the rap vernacular it was transformed into B LOG…then with the onset of Cyberspeak finally BLOG…thought you needed to know this Dave…

    Peace…Gypsy Bob