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PRLog Press Release-Solo artist & multi-talented musician Dave Diamond shines bright & is back with a vengeance

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Solo artist & multi-talented musician Dave Diamond shines bright & is back with a vengeance

On the MPC Recordings label, the new Dave Diamond album “Revenge of the Slowpoke” debuts live Sept 25th at the Living Room downtown NYC. Album available everywhere on line today.


PRLog (Press Release) – Sep 25, 2009 – While being in the presence of Hall of Fame inductee Donna Jean Godchaux of the Grateful Dead, Mookie Siegel of Ratdog, Klyph Black of The Zen Tricksters & the fabulous Jason Crosby, Dave Diamond was recently down at MPC Recordings tracking for the anticipated release of his new album out today and for 2010.
Dave Diamond continues to bring real bright and emotional music to his ever growing fan base and he truly falls in the category of a “musicians musician” as well. Also coming out this fall is the music video to the album cut “Concrete & Stone”.
With veteran engineer & mix man Michael Phillip Costanzo behind the production and release of this new 15 song album, there is a duet sung by the famed original member of the Dead, Donna Jean and Dave Diamond called “Closer to You”. Also appearing on the album is the single called “Just a Memory: “Everyone who has been involved with the project so far has been really positive and has had a strong response to Dave’s songwriting, the production and the over-all turn out of the album. Klyph Black does an amazing job on lap steel guitar for the strong ballad off the album where everyone, including me, is playing on it and Mookie Siegel’s contribution to the album on piano, organ and accordion has just been fabulous”. Costanzo goes on to say: “We are also getting a good response from terrestrial radio around the country as well as the satellite radio stations that focus on adult contemporary rock, jam band, as well as bluegrass and country radio.”

“Revenge of the Slowpoke” available now online.

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New CD “Revenge of the Slowpoke” out now !!!

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Available here at Dave’s Music Store, ITunes, Amazon and everywhere mp3’s are sold. Checkout the review of the CD at Dave’s Blog..