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September 24, 2009

Dave Diamond CD Review- Revenge of the Slowpoke

By Christine Gerani

Singer, songwriter Dave Diamond comes at us with a new independent release of his latest CD Revenge of the Slowpoke. With solid hit tracks like “Eastern Sky”, Dave pulls us into another place with his ethereal lyrics “With daydreams of days gone by is where you’ll find me.” One doesn’t need to really figure out what musical style Dave embodies; it’s a style all his own, rich with flares of bluegrass, pop, rock and soul. This album is one of those surprises like Robert Plant and Alison Krauss’ Raising Sand where you might not hear a track on Top 40 Radio stations, but for the true music lover it belongs in your collection.

Dave’s vocals are spot on in “Just a Memory”, hitting higher notes taking him out of his comfort zone, while bringing depth and substance to an already well written song. Taking a page from Dave Matthews (which is a good thing) the beautiful Fiddle arrangements by Jason Crosby add incredible warmth to included songs. Dave Diamond, who started his career off as a drummer, is now a multifaceted artist playing guitars, drums, bass and keyboards. He also of course sings and writes. During “I Got a Song” Diamond works his backup singers into an R&B frenzy reminiscent of the old radio show The Quiet Storm. Drop dead sexy groove along with soulful vocals by Dave and his ladies.

Grateful Dead member and rock and roll hall of fame inductee Donna Jean Godchaux-Mackay lends her voice to “Closer to You” which is no doubt one of the catchiest and rockin’ tunes on his album. Besides Jason Crosby and Donna Jean, Diamond surrounds himself with world class musicians, Mookie Seigal, Teddy Kumpel, Mark Newnan, Billy Titus, Jessica Wagner, Wendy Lanter, Peter Levin and of course the incomparable Victoria Faiella. Each one of these musical geniuses adds a level of excellence, freshness and pace to the masterpiece that is Revenge of the Slowpoke.

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