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On songs like “Eastern Sky,” there is an exploratory kind of playing reminiscent of Bruce Hornsby’s finer moments.

Alan Semerdjian, LI Pulse CD Review Revenge Of The Slowpoke

One doesn’t need to really figure out what musical style Dave embodies; it’s a style all his own, rich with flares of bluegrass, pop, rock and soul.

Christine Gerani, Spotlight on LI

Thanks to: Bonnie Diamond, Julia Murphy, Diamonds, Levyns, Charlie Bull, Chris Crosby, Adam Polatov, Rumor Has It, JamStampede, Anthony Delgatto, Lizzy Friel, Reflections, Alan Semerdjian, Zen Tricksters, Mingus, Boo, Euphoria Studios, Dennis & crew @ LIDC, Bruce Colfin, and coffee.

Produced by Dave Diamond and Michael Phillip Costanzo
Recorded and mastered by Michael Phillip Costanzo
Design by Kenny Feldman @ KPFdigital, Brooklyn, NY
All songs: Boo Mingus Music Copyright 2009

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