Return of the Ghuru

$7 / Compact Disc
$5 / MP3 Download
This follow up recording was released in 2005. Recorded were songs that became live staples at the Pozzy shows such as “Piggybank” an updated version of “Coming Back to You” with the Rainbow Trout horns. As well as Chris Crosby’s instrumental track “GOTW”. A little americana starts to creep in on “Through with You”. And Zen Trickster guitarist Jeff Mattson sits in on “Who’s Gonna take the Blame” Another live instrumental track gets some studio treatment is “Dryer Song” featuring one squeaky dryer!!

Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Michael Phillip Costanzo. Produced by Dave Diamond © 2006.
Jacket Design by Dave Diamond and Kenny Feldman

Piggy Bank
Spirit Set Free
Dryer Song
Own World
Through With You
Right On
Comin’ Back to You
Who’s Gonna take the Blame
It’s Over
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