Revenge of the Slowpoke

$7 / Compact Disc
$5 / MP3 Download
Thanks to: Bonnie Diamond, Julia Murphy, Diamonds, Levyns, Charlie Bull, Chris Crosby, Adam Polatov, Rumor Has It, JamStampede, Anthony Delgatto, Lizzy Friel, Reflections, Alan Semerdjian, Zen Tricksters, Mingus, Boo, Euphoria Studios, Dennis & crew @ LIDC, Bruce Colfin, and coffee.Produced by Dave Diamond and Michael Phillip Costanzo
Recorded and mastered by Michael Phillip Costanzo
Design by Kenny Feldman @ KPFdigital, Brooklyn, NY
All songs: Boo Mingus Music Copyright 2009
Closer to You
Getting By
Concrete & Stone
Eastern Sky
Just a Memory
No You Didn’t
Back on Track
Along Came You
Happy Not
Wake to Realize
A Place for You
I Gotta Song
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